• istiklal kısa film başvuru
  • Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
    Dear Prof. Dr. Mustafa ŞENTOP's
    under the auspices of

“In memory of the 100th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Turkish Republic National Anthem"

International İstiklal (Independence) Short Film Competition

Application Deadline Feb 17, 2021

istiklal kısa film başvuru


The National Anthem's 100th approvalin commemoration of the year, participants from around the world will compete with short films in which they can also describe their fight for democracy, equality and independence. In our International Short Film Competition we aspire to raise awareness of society as well as to help our directors, who are going to launch the cinema industry, by using the impressive language of the cinema and to raise awareness about the value of social as well as individual liberty, equality and freedom in the spirit of our national anthem. The competition is going to be in fiction this year. A total of three works by the jury will be awarded First, Second and Third place prizes, as well as special awards for mentions, among works competing in the International Istiklal Short Film Competition, in areas decided by the administration and the jury of Sebilürreşad.


  • 30.000 TL

    First Prize

  • 20.000 TL

    Second Prize

  • 15.000 TL

    Third Prize

  • 5.000 TL

    Special Jury Prize

  • 5.000 TL

    Mention Prize

Sebilürreşad dergisi


Sebilürreşad is a magazine that was published by Eşref Edib Fergan with the help of Mehmet Akif Ersoy in August 1908 to encourage and play a leading role in years of national war, the ideology of Islamism under the name Sırat-ı Müstakim.

One of the key characteristics of the journal is that almost all of Safahat is written here the most important publication of Islamism's revolution. The magazine closed in 1925 with the law of Takrir-i Sukun in the Turkish alphabet of May 1948, was written again in Turkish alphabet. In 1966 it came to an end.


© 2020 Sebilürreşad - Short Film Competition

© 2020 Sebilürreşad - Short Film Competition